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The Impact of Giving

At Keystone College students receive more than just an education, they learn to be civic leaders, community activists, and do this with a sense of warmth and humility towards their neighbors. Our students, faculty and staff are committed to making the College and surrounding communities the best they can be.

Questions about giving?

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awarded to students from donor-supported scholarships

scholarships funded by our generous donors

gifts made by our loyal alumni

What Your Gift Means

When you make a monetary gift to Keystone College, your contribution has a positive and measurable impact on the lives of our students. Gifts to Keystone help in so many ways, including student scholarships, enhanced academic offerings, new and improved athletic programs, facilities and campus upgrades, and so much more.

Each dollar you give to Keystone provides the opportunity for our students to receive an education that will help them become leaders in their professions, in their communities, and in the world. So, a contribution to Keystone is really an investment for a brighter future for everyone.

"I established a Keystone College Scholarship to help a student to attend Keystone so he or she can have the same great experience that I did." 

Bob Swartley '75

Established the Swartley Family Scholarship and the Swartley Family Scholarship in Business.